November Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Social Media

How Will Instagram Hiding Likes in the US Affect Influencers

Instagram recently revealed that the total amount of likes a post receives will no longer be featured. For those who use the platform for fun, this update won’t cause much concern. Who will it affect, though? Influencers. If a brand wishes to collaborate with an influencer, it is now more difficult for the brand to determine the level of engagement each influencer receives. Further, influencers will need to provide brands with this information. Comments are still public on the platform, though, so brands will be able to get a sense of the type of engagement an influencer receives.

Facebook Will Implement Limits on How Many Ads a Page Can Run in 2020

According to Facebook, an overload of ads can negatively affect performance. To prevent poor performance, the platform announced that it will be limiting the number of ads a page can run. This limitation will allow only affect a small portion of advertisers and aims to decrease the amount of money spent on each advertisement.

Pinterest Officially Announces New Pin Format Release

Improvements on Pinterest have revamped the platform’s appearance and increased the overall Pin image size. The platform also released updates in the search and following tab, where users can gain inspiration from those they follow. Lastly, the platform has made it easier to access saved pins thanks to updates on profile and board views.

Twitter Adds New ‘Conversation Insights’ to Media Studio

Thanks to Twitter’s new update, determining engagement on Twitter has just become so much easier. Conversation Insights, located on Media Studio, allows users to view mentions and overall engagement. Users can look at insight by day, as well as see the type of accounts that are interacting with their posts.

Industry News

Google Adds New Visual Ad Options for YouTube and Google Images

This month, Google introduced two new ad options for YouTube and Google Images. On YouTube, Google has added Shopping ads. This update allows advertisers to target consumers based on their search queries. The update is also adding sitelink extensions, allowing advertisers to point users in the right direction. Similar to YouTube, Google Images has also added Shopping ads, which will recommend products based on users’ searches.

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