While Pinterest can often fall through the cracks of a company’s social media marketing plan when put up against other platforms like Tiktok and Instagram, the “pinworthy” app still holds valuable advertising real estate. There is a unique opportunity with Pinterest as it serves as both a social media platform and a search engine. Knowing this, it is important to learn more about our best practices when advertising on Pinterest to get the most out of your advertisements.


Take Advantage of Real Estate

Running vertical advertisements on Pinterest are highly effective on mobile devices because it occupies maximum screen real estate to communicate your message. Pinterest recommends creating pins with an aspect ratio of 2:3, and minimum of 600×900 pixels to 600×1560 pixels maximum.


Experiment With Ad Formats

Pinterest has a variety of ad formats that may be beneficial for one business or product campaign but not for another. There is no one size fits all so it is important to experiment with the different types of formats to learn what works for you.

  1. Static pins: Used to display products or other content in a simple, square or vertical image format. It is a format available for awareness, consideration and conversion purposes.
  2. Standard video: Animated videos that are the size of a normal pin. It is a format available for awareness, consideration and conversion purposes. A good way to increase views on your video ad is to create a seamless loop where it is not clear where the content begins or ends.
  3. Carousel: Use multiple images (between 2 and 5) to tell your brand story. The carousel format is available for awareness, consideration and conversion goals.
  4. Collections: Display a main image over three smaller secondary images in the Pinterest feed. This format is available for awareness, consideration and conversion purposes.
  5. Idea Pin: Tell your brand story by combining video, images and text to grow your audience. The recommended length is between 5 and 20 pages with the possibility of adding audio.


Curate Your Brand’s Content

Molding your content to your known audience, specific timing, and more is important to the success of your Pinterest ad. Pinterest users often use the platform around certain seasons or key life moments like holidays and weddings. Curating your content to these celebrations can be a great way to get your ad in front of your desired audience. While centering your content around these holidays and key life moments is a good first step, it is important to understand that the consumers who use the platform around these times are also planners. This means that having these ads run in advance of these holidays would be beneficial.


Dos and Don’ts with Pinterest Advertising

There are some general dos and don’ts when advertising on Pinterest that can help improve the success of your advertisement.

  • Do make sure your brand’s Pinterest landing page and advertisements share similar branding to provide a seamless experience for the consumer and to avoid confusion.
  • Don’t use hashtags or small text fonts in your Pinterest advertisements.
  • Do use content that has never been on Pinterest before since the Pinterest algorithm favors this type of content.
  • Don’t have your text cover more than 30% of your pin or use more than three typographic styles.


While accounting for all social platforms in your digital marketing efforts can be overwhelming, we’re here to ensure all boxes are checked! Reach out today to start a conversation about how your brand can achieve a well-rounded social media marketing strategy and invest in the power of Pinterest advertising. 

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