Sustainability: Bamboozle Spotlight

With concerns for the environment at a high, consumers are beginning to shift their personal values and are actively choosing brands and products that align with their sustainable mindset. As sustainability becomes widespread, it is important for brands to understand the value shift and how their business can contribute to sustainability. 

One brand that has successfully adopted a sustainable mindset is Bamboozle. Learn more about the steps Bamboozle is taking towards ensuring that their products are better for the environment.

Bamboozle’s Sustainable Approach

Bamboozle has one goal – environmental responsibility. The brand hopes to lead and inspire other brands in their industry to become more environmentally conscious. From the very beginning, Bamboozle aimed to create products that would leave no imprint on the environment. “With every step, our goal was to reduce the harm that our products would do for the environment. We are a group of people obsessed with doing it better – making better products – and sustainability is a very important part of doing better,” said Bamboozle brand manager.

The company successfully upholds sustainability by making products from excess bamboo. From the bamboo, Bamboozle uses two materials, Bamboo Fiber and Astrik. These materials allow the brand to make products that are sustainable and dishwasher safe while contributing to the well-being of the environment. Not only is bamboo a durable and biodegradable option, but it also helps to reduce greenhouse gases in the environment. 

The company offers a range of high-quality products that are ideal for the eco-conscious consumer, like everyday bowls and plates, serving platters, composters, and even fun dinner sets for kids. Their products come in a variety of different colors, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen. Consumers can happily enjoy their products knowing they are contributing to the environment in a positive way.

Sustainability: Bamboozle Spotlight Sustainability: Bamboozle Spotlight Sustainability: Bamboozle Spotlight

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