Amazon Marketing: Everything You Need to Know


It’s no secret that Amazon is the leading platform for online shopping with over 300 million active users worldwide. Shoppers turn to the platform for their shopping needs because it’s quick and convenient and in the last year alone, Amazon saw a significant increase in site traffic due to COVID-19. Compared to February of 2020, the site saw a 37% increase in February of 2021. 


As Amazon continues to dominate the ecommerce world, online retailers must solidify their Amazon marketing plan. Learn more below about the different strategies and tactics you can implement into your strategy.


Making the Most out of Your Plan

If you’re already selling on Amazon, there are multiple aspects to consider when implementing your marketing strategy. We’ve outlined our best tips below for a successful campaign!


Create Compelling and Consistent Content

It’s not enough to have your products listed on Amazon. Sellers must make sure they are not only creating product copy, but imagery, that is engaging to sellers. Your Amazon presence should be consistent and representative of the brand and following you have built. 


Establish Prime Eligibility

Nowadays, consumers expect a quick turnaround time. Products that are readily available could be the deciding factor for your buyer, so ensuring your products are eligible for prime is a must. Another bonus of prime eligibility is that Prime members shop more as 49% report that they shop on the site at least once a week, ensuring more exposure for your brand.


Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Testimonials are an essential part of a customer’s buying decision, especially since about 93% of consumers refer to reviews before making a purchase. Take the time to ensure you have positive reviews that are reflective of your brand. If you find your brand has any negative reviews, take the time to address these reviews. This will help you build trust and understanding with your current and potential customers.


Best Practices

In addition to creating compelling product descriptions and imagery, take some time to perfect your product descriptions.  When it comes to a product title, 200 characters is the recommended amount. It’s best to include 4 or 5 bullet points detailing product dimensions, or any other important information buyers might be looking for. Lastly, consider optimizing your listings for easy viewing on mobile devices.


Implement Your Strategy

Once you’ve established creative copy, imagery, and credible reviews, it’s important to strategize. From implementing keywords that’ll optimize your brand’s exposure to producing high-quality content, strategizing will ensure your brand gets the results it deserves.

Having trouble perfecting your Amazon strategy? Our team of experts are here to ensure your brand gets real results.

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