Redesigning a website is an opportunity for a brand to upgrade the aesthetic and functionally of its home on the web. A redesign gives SEO’s a chance to ‘look under the hood’ and retool a site’s SEO qualities. 

A website redesign is not simply about updated visuals and cool graphics – it’s an opportunity to improve the functionality and search visibility of your brand. Here at lotus823, we went through the lengthy and, at times, stressful website redesign process with our own website. We have also been there with clients, and helped them redefine their image on the web.

We put together this great guide designed to help guide you through the website redesign process.

Redesigning your website will become an essential component of your content marketing strategy that will help position your brand as a thought leader of whatever industry you may operate in. With the right team and a solid workflow, an otherwise arduous process can be a true learning experience.

Getting your whole team involved in the process will benefit your organization greatly. Developing a basic understanding of how websites work and why coders and SEO’s are so ‘particular’ can strengthen relationships among your team.

What did you discover during a website redesign? Missing sitemap? Missing meta data? Share with us below, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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