Over the past few years, users have learned that social media is not only a platform to keep in contact with family and friends, but also a means of direct communication with brands they know and trust.

As a digital marketing agency, we have seen firsthand the positive and negative impacts that customer service on social media can have on a brand. We have learned that it is inevitable that situations will arise that stir up negative feelings towards your brand. What we have concluded is that those are the most crucial times to remember who your brand is and what you’re all about.

According to bufferapp.com, consumers are looking for three things when they reach out for customer service on social media: a quick response to their problem, care and honesty, and help where they are. Social media is a neutral ground for consumers to speak their minds about a brand, and that can be a scary thought considering the billions of people who are using social media. A few things to keep in mind when encountering a customer service issue on social media are the type of content that you are regularly putting out, how you typically interact with users, and the amount of time in which you respond.

If you are a unique brand with a unique voice, that can be a big factor in why consumers chose your company or product to begin with. It is the key of consistency, which will keep those consumers coming back, and hopefully, spreading the good word about your brand.

In the corporate world, things tend to get uptight and stuffy during a discrepancy. If that’s not your brand’s style, why should treating customer service experiences be any different? Below are a few tips for keeping your brand’s voice natural and authentic.

Keep It Natural

Stay consistent with the voice that your content is usually projecting. If you typically post humorous content, trying to enlighten the situation by doing something similar. Just remember not to downplay the inconvenience that your customer has experienced.

Remind Them That Your Company Is Human

Acknowledge the issue that your customer is experiencing, but let them know that there is always room for human error-and that is inevitable. Assure them that you will do your best to rectify the situation.

Respond In A Timely Manner

Social media users typically use their accounts several times daily. Make sure that you are consistently monitoring your social media sites for any interaction, this way you can handle matters as they occur. You do not want to further inconvenience customers by making them wait for a response.

Thank Them For Reaching Out

No one enjoys customer service issues, but it is always best when they are acknowledge and solved. Also, thank them most importantly for their business and their patience while you sort out the matter.








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