Happy summer, folks! As Nancy put it best, while most these days are focused on slathering onsunblock and hitting the beach, over here, we’re hyper-focused on prepping our brands’ strategies surrounding holiday sales and preparing for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

For those who know me or lotus823, we tend to be quite CES marketing obsessed. Yet, this is for good reason because CES is THE time and place for tech brands to present their very latest and greatest. The event brings together more than 150,000 attendees annually.

Planning for CES is nearly a yearlong project, aside from our brief repose in Q1, requiring a keen attention to details/deadlines and many months of preparation. Don’t let waiting to the last-minute have you living in a constant state of chaos. Here’s what to do and when to get it right.

How to Plan for CES Now:

  • “Big idea” Brainstorming:

    Have you outlined how to make a big splash at the show? Experiential events have many moving pieces—from booking venues to attaining permits, many of which must happen months in advance. Start the creative process early so that you can narrow down and fine-tune your plan as early as possible.

  • Registration:

    Registration for CES typically opens in early July. Many of us may receive the offer to register for free at this time so it’s a good time to act since fees go into effect in August. Plus, CES has started capping attendance.

  • CES Innovation Award:

    Produced by the produces of CES, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the CES Innovations Awards are the first awards to open. Companies who will be exhibiting new and innovative products should enter. Entries typically open around August 10 and close around September 15. This is an award that should be entered as soon as possible as early-bid entry fee reduction opportunities exist.

 What’s Coming Up:

  • Media Event Registration/Preparations
  • Content Conversations

What’s Down the Road:

  • Content Development
  • Social Media Planning
  • Award Submissions
  • Media Outreach

Sound like a lot to handle? Don’t worry we can help!

Read on to see what CES Marketing services we offer.

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