Pinvolve is a handy Facebook app that combines two of the top leading social media sites: Facebook and Pinterest.

If you’re getting tired of the same old Facebook layout, this app could be the perfect solution. The Pinvolve app allows you to view your Facebook photo posts in a Pinterest-like style. You can also pin directly from Facebook to Pinterest, a feature that could never be done before!

Brands that are looking to increase and optimize their images on social media should take advantage of Pinvolve. It’s a different way to connect your Facebook fans to a more personalized side of your company through your Pinterest boards. Whether you’d like to drive more traffic to your Facebook or Pinterest, Pinvolve is a great marketing tool that can benefit your brand image.

lotus823 Pinvolve App

Read more about the Pinvolve app here: or, just head straight to the site and create one for yourself!

Then see all our images on the lotus823 Pinvolve app here:

Let us know! Are you using Pinvolve and what do you think of this app?

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