“It’s the holiday season…” and we just had another wonderful month!

Happy December, folks! With all the hustle and bustle of holiday gift guide planning, CES strategies, and awards dinners, we’re pausing for a moment to take a look back on the stats, news, and thoughts from the month of November. Join us!

The Buying Power of Hispanic Americans

Did you know, in 2015, Hispanic Americans will make up 30% of the nation’s population? It’s true! Pretty amazing, right? With this in mind, lotus823 has delved a bit deeper, providing insight and research on Hispanic marketing strategies.

Get to Know lotus823’s Katie Lynch

We recently welcomed Katie Lynch to our PR team and are very excited to have her on board! We got to know her better through an informal interview when she joined us.

Find out why she loves PR, her favorite marketing campaigns, and of course – we have to find out – her favorite food, here.

Traditional Advertising vs. New-Age Advertising

No matter where you look, there’s a chance someone’s advertising campaign will cross your path. While traditional advertising has declined and digital continues increasing, both are still very important in the marketing world.

Take a look at the shift from traditional to new-age advertising and the reasons why digital advertising continues to rise.

Philanthropic Companies and Brands

People everywhere are getting into the holiday spirit and giving back to those in need. Whether a foundation is started, food or clothing is donated, or the simple act of community service is performed, the satisfaction of offering your help is a feeling unmatched.

Check out this roundup of companies and brands that are investing their time this holiday season to give back to others.

Experience It!

Experiential marketing is an amazing way to make a real connection with your audience. At lotus823, it has become one of our strategies in our integrated marketing approach.

In 2015, we have been keeping our eyes on a number of brands that have made huge impacts with their campaigns. Check out how it’s done, here.

As we head into December, we’d like to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday! Don’t forget to check back each month for our digital marketing round ups, right here!

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