Throughout the month of November, Instagram launched new Story features to improve overall engagement, Pinterest introduced a new marketing hub just in time for the holidays, and Google made updates to their AdSense policy. Learn more about November’s social media and industry updates below!   


Social Media


Social Media Comes for QVC

Now more than ever, consumers are turning to live product reviews from people they trust. To keep up with this demand in consumer behavior, social media platforms are turning to the live shopping market to better reach their target audiences and improve overall engagement. In the last year, social media giants Amazon, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat have all introduced their own format of live shopping, similar to television networks like QVC and HSN.


Instagram Launches ‘Add Yours’ Sticker to Facilitate More Engagement in Stories

At the start of November, Instagram launched ‘Add Yours,’ a sticker feature for Stories aiming to improve overall engagement across the platform. With this new feature, users can ask their followers a question, such as “Share Your WFH View,” with the ‘Add Yours’ sticker. When users respond to the story by uploading their own picture with the sticker feature, they are automatically added to a thread with other responders, where they can view each other’s responses and interact with one another. 


Pinterest Launches New Holiday Marketing Hub to Assist with Your Campaign Planning

Timed perfectly with the holiday rush, Pinterest launched its ‘Holiday Marketing Hub.’ This update will help brands monitor and execute their holiday campaigns with new resources and reference points. In terms of ecommerce sales, Pinterest has seen immense growth over the last year, so we are sure the platform will be a great tool for brands looking to maximize their holiday sales.


Industry Updates

Google Updates AdSense Policy Center Look, Adds New Feature Updates for Advertisers

Last month, Google introduced its Policy center to help advertisers avoid any potential violations. The search engine also introduced new features, such as account heath summary so ad managers can have a better understanding of their placements, as well as introduced more filtering options. These updates will help advertisers accurately target their ads while helping them avoid any unwanted violations.


Google Recommends Placing Videos on Dedicated Pages for Maximum Exposure

Is your brand looking to improve its SEO and video performance? Google recently updated its video best practices and shared tips on how to gain maximum video exposure. The search engine suggests creating a dedicated page for the video, ensuring it’s the most prominent part of the page. More specifically, the video should be located at the top of the page, so it is the first thing visitors see.

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