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At lotus823, our expertise in e-commerce, search engine marketing, and digital advertising can help your brand see measurable results from its organic and paid Amazon marketing efforts.

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Whether you’re an established brand or a startup, there are many benefits to selling on Amazon. With an average of 2 million visitors every day and 90 million Amazon Prime members, Amazon has become an unparalleled platform for retailers seeking to increase brand awareness and sales.

At lotus823, our expertise in e-commerce, search engine marketing, and digital advertising can help your brand see measurable results from its organic and paid Amazon marketing efforts. Want to see how lotus823 can help grow your sales on Amazon?


When you contact us for a free evaluation, we’ll perform an in-depth audit of your existing Amazon product listings and ads, as well as your brand’s competitors – both on and off Amazon. Using this research, we’ll pinpoint areas where your Amazon listings can be optimized for search and identify keywords that your brand can use to improve its ranking in Amazon listings. Additionally, our analysis will shed light on areas in which your brand can capitalize on previously untested strategies and angles to get the most for your budget.  


Depending on your product and goals, we will produce a unique month-by-month strategy detailing organic and paid initiatives to help your brand see results from its Amazon marketing efforts. From launching and optimizing your Amazon product listings for organic ranking to finding the right keywords and related products for sponsored listings and banner ads, we offer an integrated approach to ensure your product is easily found on the e-commerce website and that consumers remain engaged with your brand. We understand that different products require different approaches and we will recommend the best placements, ad copy, photos, and landing page design to meet your brand’s goals.

Content Creation

Compelling ad copy and eye-catching imagery can make the difference between browsers and buyers. At lotus823, we know how to write engaging ad copy that will help your Amazon listings and ads stand out and produce results. Whether you have existing product imagery or need new photography, we can help your brand create a professional appearance on Amazon that’s consistent with your overall digital presence.

Optimization & Measurement

To make sure your budget is spent wisely and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) remains low, we will closely monitor and optimize your Amazon ad campaigns on an ongoing basis. By continually reviewing your brand’s important key performance indicators (KPIs), we will ensure that your budget is dedicated to the right areas and your account is maintaining a low CPA. Like Google, Amazon’s search results and ads are based on a sophisticated search algorithm. We will continually monitor trending keywords and relevant searches to ensure your brand is bidding on targeted, profitable keywords. Additionally, we will perform ongoing A/B testing of product images and ad copy to make sure your audience sees the most successful ads. We will also monitor Amazon reviews and provide community management services, including responses to frequently asked questions and other support inquiries, to ensure brand sentiment remains positive and your  Amazon account remains in good standing.

Each month, we will provide your brand with a detailed report outlining our efforts from the prior month, including important KPIs such as product listing impressions and page visits, as well as conversions.

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