At lotus823, we provide each client with a customized blend of digital marketing, public relations, and social media strategy, all based upon the brand’s unique needs. We’ve been working with Peerless-AV, a leader in innovative audio and video solutions and accessories, for the past few years, providing a range of services to help bolster the company’s status as an award-winning designer, manufacturer and distributor.

 We sat down with our Account Supervisor (and Peerless-AV’s chief strategist) Beth Gard to discuss her experience working with AV titan and how she feels the campaign has grown over the duration of our partnership.

When did you first start working with Peerless-AV and how did you determine a marketing strategy for the brand?

We first started working with Peerless-AV in November 2013. To fully understand the brand and their needs, we flew out to Aurora, where Peerless-AV is based, and met with the brand’s marketing and executive teams to discuss our proposed strategy. Peerless-AV had a significant presence in the mounting industry, as the creator of the first TV mount, but they wanted to bring awareness to the executive team, showcasing the knowledge Peerless-AV possesses. Based on our discussions, we focused our strategy on thought leadership, helping to bring attention to the top executives at the company.

Over the past 3 years that we’ve worked with Peerless-AV, we continue to focus on thought leadership in addition to the company’s corporate strategy where we support new product launches, trade shows, and company events. 

Peerless-AV is quite busy with new product releases, events, tradeshows, etc. – how do you manage their editorial calendar?

Peerless-AV is definitely a busy account, which works in our favor because we always have news to pitch. To keep organized, we have a team-wide dashboard that contains all upcoming activities. We also speak daily to the marketing team and hold weekly calls so we’re abreast of new products coming down the pipeline and any upcoming events and shows. We then plan our strategy around these activities. We start preparing for shows and new product announcements a few months out, which has been very helpful in ensuring all materials are complete. Of course there are times when plans change, and in those instances, we have been very comfortable with adjusting our schedules to meet the company’s focus.

Can you share your experience tackling a large project for Peerless-AV, and how you did so?

I consider every trade show to be a large project as there is an enormous amount of detail that must go into the events. For DSE and InfoComm, in particular, Peerless-AV tends to go all out with evening activities, giveaways at their booth, and something unique to really get attendees talking (this past year we had a Tesla in the DSE booth!).

The best way to get through these events has been staying organized. The head of marketing at Peerless-AV is juggling a lot with these events and it’s our job to make it as seamless as possible for her. We work together with planning and executing to ensure she has all of the support she needs. After the show, we see the success in the media coverage we secure and on Peerless-AV’s end, the sales leads they acquire.

Have you noticed any changes in the mount/AV space over the past several years?

Over the past several years, one of the big changes I’ve seen relates to the innovative nature of TVs and displays. With curved displays, 4K, and more, manufacturers are always looking to create the next big thing that is eye-catching and unique.

How has that impacted your work with Peerless-AV?

As a mount and AV solutions provider, this has definitely impacted Peerless-AV and in turn the work we do for them. It has changed the type of announcements we put out and the type of opportunities we can submit to. Peerless-AV as a company has evolved from focusing solely on mounts to now being a total AV solution provider. With these changes, our job has been to showcase the company in this new way, a task we have taken on quite successfully.

What has been your favorite part about working with Peerless-AV?

My 100 percent favorite part about working with Peerless-AV is the people. Every single person I’ve met at the company has been wonderful to work with. The executives have so much knowledge to share and even though they are very busy, they are always willing to provide their insight. The marketing team is also extremely collaborative and open to new ideas, which always makes for a great client to have.

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