Happy May! We’ve been powering through the cold weather for some time now and the summer is right around the corner at this point. Let me just say, we’re really excited.

Listen, we know April weather can be a bit crumby and might get you down. So, we understand if you missed a blog or two. That’s why we have your recap of everything the lotus823 talked about the month of April!

“Marketers love to celebrate.” Well, it’s the truth – we do! With every holiday and event that passes each year, it’s another opportunity to get your customers/fans excited and involved.

Our Director of Client Relations, Katie, did some research and found out about all the great deals and steals surrounding tax day. Some of the loti definitely took advantage of a few promotions on this list!

Check out some of Katie’s favorite Tax Day marketing promotions.

Are you a new follower of lotus823? You can definitely get to know a lot about our company and culture by taking a tour of our agency.

In April, Heather gave you just that! From our comfy couches, bright colored walls and cocoa puffs (yes, we have cocoa puffs!), lotus823 is a fresh and fun place that always gets us motivated to create new ideas for our clients.

Follow Heather on the full tour of our digital marketing agency.

Are you in the process of searching for a new job? Please – don’t panic! It can be overwhelming, sure, but instead of looking at it as a search to start your career try imagining it as searching for that perfect pair of shoes.

 “If the shoe fits!” – Cristina explains how she launched her career at lotus823.


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