January 2021: Industry News

The start of 2021 saw many newly launched features across various social media platforms. YouTube tested out a shopping feature, Facebook redesigned its “Pages” layout, TikTok announced a new “creator portal”, and Instagram launched a “professional dashboard” for users. Continue reading for the latest updates on social media platforms and the industry below!

Social Media
Youtube Tests New Feature to Buy Products Shown on Video
Many apps, like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have paved the way for shopping features. YouTube started testing out a new social media shopping experience that allows North American participants to buy products featured in the videos they’re watching. This new feature allows users to feel more connected to their favorite YouTubers and brands, offering businesses and brands increased opportunities for influencer marketing and eCommerce.

Facebook Announces Pages Redesign and New Admin Controls
Facebook’s Pages recently got a makeover with its redesigned layout and intuitive navigation. The update intends to make viewing posts, bios, and important information easier with new admin controls and insights. Admins can now access insights, create ads, post content, and conduct community management with a Q&A feature. Followers now have the ability to ask questions about a business and admins can answer them, building a stack of feedback that followers can swipe through. The latest update also eliminated the “Like” option on a page, leaving Pages with the “Follow” option. Eliminating this option may have major implications for how a brand, business, or group’s success is measured with only its Page “followers” to account for.

TikTok Makes Creating Easy With the Creator Portal
This month TikTok launched a new Creator Portal to help guide creators on how to maximize their in-app presence. The Creator Portal provides a hub filled with educational resources such as the basics of getting started on the app, connecting with their audience, and best practices for creating new videos. To reach different followings, the Creator Portal is broken down into six learning categories: Getting Started on TikTok, TikTok Creation Essentials, TikTok Foundations for Success, TikTok Content Strategy, Community Guidelines, and Safety and Getting Paid to Create. The feature also incorporates articles that help creators interpret community trends, learn new creative effects and inspire all creators to diversify their content.

Instagram Launches New ‘Professional Dashboard’ Platform to Provide Quick Guidance for Creators
Instagram recently announced the launch of a new “Professional Dashboard”, contributing a management overview platform that provides basic performance insight and access to relevant tools for creators to maximize their Instagram presence. The dashboard imparts insights on three key elements: Track Your Performance, Grow Your Business, and Stay Informed. With all of these elements combined, creators will be educated on key trends and data, gain tools on how to manage and monetize their content, and stay up to date on the latest tips, tricks, and inspiration. The overall goal of the Professional Dashboard is to make it easier for users to track performance and keep up to date on Instagram’s latest features while prompting users to be more active.

Industry News
CES 2021 Makes History As Largest Digital Tech Industry Event
After months of preparation, CES 2021 finally happened this month! On January 11th, CES 2021 made history as the largest digital tech event with almost 2,000 companies from all over the world gathering online to unveil next-generation innovation. The event revealed how technology could make anything possible, even despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Industry leaders connected with a variety of exhibitors from Panasonic, to Sony, and Procter & Gamble showing groundbreaking innovations for the home and entertainment, AI, and digital health – placing an emphasis on health and safety. Technology became the medium for the event that showcases inventions, which brought a new voice to the tech conversation and bright ideas for the coming months and years.

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