Case Study Spotlight: TEDx

With over a decade of industry experience, we have worked with a variety of clients to develop strategic marketing plans using an integrated approach. With a combination of public relations, social media marketing, website maintenance, and brand consultation lotus823 grew TEDxAsburyPark’s overall brand awareness. Learn how we did it below!

Case Study Spotlight: TEDx


TEDxAsburyPark (formerly TEDxNavesink) is the largest and highest-rated TEDx conference on the East Coast.  Each May, TEDxAsburyPark holds an annual conference centered around a common theme — sharing stories and sparking deep discussions with over 25 speakers, entertainers, and artists. Based at the Jersey Shore, the organization is composed of over 100 businesses, nonprofit leaders, volunteers, professionals, local students, and sponsors who are dedicated to connecting open minds in Monmouth Country through education, community, and innovation. 


Case Study Spotlight: TEDx

In 2018, TEDxAsburyPark began a partnership with lotus823, seeking assistance with managing their public relations, social media marketing, website maintenance and improvements, and overall brand consultation to increase awareness and drive ticket sales for their 2019 “Chaos” event.  To maximize TEDxAsburyPark’s goals, the lotus823 team focused on public relations efforts through TEDxAsburyPark’s social networks and social media advertisements. To increase potential sponsors’ revenue, interest, and participation, lotus823 enhanced the sponsor package protocols. In addition, the team also increased TEDxAsburyPark’s brand identity and engagement levels by engaging with communities on social media.


lotus823 developed a multi-faceted strategy to address TEDxAsburyPark’s media reputation, social media platforms, and digital marketing activities. Utilizing Facebook’s paid advertising, lotus823 developed targeted ads promoting the “Chaos” event reaching existing fans and audiences. The promotion included launching multiple campaigns such as website traffic and event ads to increase awareness and encourage RSVPs. To further these efforts, lotus823 implemented social media posts like boosted and organic posts focusing on ticket giveaways, and other creative concepts to spread awareness about the event’s speakers.

Case Study Spotlight: TEDxCase Study Spotlight: TEDx

In addition, lotus823 developed an extensive media outreach strategy to elevate the community’s knowledge of TEDxAsburyPark’s “Chaos” event through the use of customized media pitching, leveraging, and media partnerships. lotus823 also strategized collaborations with regional media subsidiaries, such as iHeartRadio, and used press releases to ensure exposure through all forms of media.


In under 12 months, lotus823 generated impressive results for TEDxAsburyPark and reached their overall goal of increased event awareness and ticket sales. Through this partnership, TEDxAsburyPark secured over 400,000 impressions, drove over 5,000 website visits and 1,100 event responses.  

TEDxAsburyPark’s website traffic also increased by more than 20% year-over-year, seeing increases in organic, referral, and social media traffic. Through our media outreach efforts, we secured coverage for TEDxAsburyPark in the New Jersey Patch, The Coaster, and New Jersey Stage, while sponsorships were placed in various iHeartRadio broadcasts, websites, e-blasts, and in-app ads with a combined reach of more than 15,800,000.  As a result of our partnership, we garnered exposure and overall awareness of TEDxAsburyPark’s brand and annual event. This strategic collaboration ensured that TEDxAsburyPark continues to grow event and brand awareness through key media outreach and social media strategies.

To learn more about the strategy and our results with TEDxAsburyPark, view our full case study!

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