Social media channels and all they have to offer are becoming essential tools for businesses to leverage. From connecting with customers on the consumer level to networking with influential individuals in one’s industry, social media sites are giving businesses the power to engage like never before. Both small and large businesses alike, are taking advantage of the benefits that social media powerhouse sites, like Facebook and Twitter, provide. Benefits like, cost effective marketing, worldwide reach and the ability to connect with almost anyone via a simple click.

For those reasons above and many more, social media is becoming a business’ best friend. Have you and social media been acquainted yet? No? Let me introduce you, to Facebook and Twitter!

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Engage with over 500 million potential customers (which includes many of your current customers) on Facebook, as they stay in touch with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet everyday. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create a ‘Personal Profile’ for yourself, a.k.a. The Business Owner (using your name, not the name of your business). Doing this step will allow you to “friend” all of your current contacts, in an effort to suggest your “Official Page” to them in the future. Go to and fill out the “Sign Up” form.
  2. Set up an ‘Official Page’ for your business. This is where you will use the name of your business. An “Official Page” on Facebook is similar to a mini website, where one can describe their business, post news, etc.
  3. Get people to ‘Like’ your page. Reach out to friends, employees, and colleagues, using the personal profile you set up plus other methods like email, to create an initial base of ‘Likes’.
  4. Check out Facebook Help. Facebook’s robust Help section is great for beginners.


Connect with your customers in real-time and quickly share information with people interested in your business via the 140-character Tweet. Twitter offers businesses a chance to reach an engaged audience, using little words. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Think of a 15-character Twitter handle, or name for your account. On Twitter, your handle is what defines you, so make it professional and make it memorable. It’s also beneficial to keep your location in mind when creating a handle, especially if you are a local business owner – think state abbreviation or the city you serve.
  2. Create a Twitter account for your business, using the handle you just came up with. Go to and “Sign Up”.
  3. Check out Twitter for Business, for basics to best practices.

Now is the perfect time to jump on the social media bandwagon. Don’t get left behind! The truth is that many of your competitors may already have a hand, or both, in the social media scene, so it’s vital for you to jump on board to stay competitive. Or better yet, gain a competitive edge if you can be the first on the scene in your market. Just keep in mind that spending time on Facebook or Twitter can be a time suck if not planned out properly. Therefore, it is important to establish your goals and identify your target audience before becoming a social media power user.  So get acquainted and establish a plan in an effort to start creating some social media buzz about your business!

If you have questions about how social media can help your business or need assistance creating a social media marketing plan, contact Jessica Guida at She can also be found on Twitter

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