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What do the yellow brick road, your heart, and a leader all have in common?  They all have followers!  So does Twitter – one of the most popular social media sites of the current media age.  Twitter is the fastest and easiest way to stay updated on all of your interests from the latest celebrity gossip, tech news, and your favorite business promotions.  So how do you flock followers to your Twitter page?  Let us explain how to gain more followers, and once you do – what it can do for your company.

The “Monkey-See-Monkey-Do” Theory

Follow Us on Twitter


Gaining a substantial number of Twitter followers for your business is as easy as following them yourself. Once you click the +Follow link on someone’s Twitter account, they will notice their number of followers have increased, confirmed by an e-mail notification, with you as the latest follower. They could click on your page, and in turn, follow you.  The exposure of your business is not only priceless, but also absolutely limitless.  In essence, “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” – so get to scratching – there are over 50 million Twitter-ites out there!

Make A Donation

People love a good cause, especially companies with social responsibility towards them.  Get followers motivated to join your site – encourage them to follow your page and with every new follower, donate to a charitable organization.  Do it for a short amount of time, anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days to entice people to act fast.  A positive image of your company will resonate from this – and increase your followers exponentially.  Make sure you link your Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts, to achieve maximum exposure.  Karma is a wonderful thing, help the world, and she will surely raise your number of Twitter followers.


Motivated to Follow You on Twitter


Who doesn’t like free stuff?  Your customers surely do.  Motivate them with an e-mailed exclusive offer when they follow you on your Twitter page. Anything simple from free shipping to a free small gift makes the customer feel special and important – increasing their level of satisfaction.  Positive word of mouth is sure to follow in the form of, “Oh My Gosh!  Look What (insert your fabulous company here) Sent Me!”  A little dance of excitement and joy may follow, along with a new swarm of jealous friends.

The number of Twitter followers you have can be a certified criterion for how well known your company really is.  Be sure to be an active poster and have lots of followers, update and manage your account frequently.  Once you have a large Twitter audience, you’ve made it to the big leagues!

For help establishing your Twitter page, be sure to visit the lotus823 web page.  Follow us on Twitter, and watch the “Monkey-See-Monkey-Do” theory in action!!

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