EggBods bring out the creative and silly side in all of us. Here at lotus823, we decided to make a funny marketing video about the EggBod’s journey to select local Michael’s stores!

EggBods are entertaining and adorable wind up, collectible egg toys that have traveled to Planet Earth from Planet Egg. There are currently eight EggBod characters that you can mix-n-match to continue the fun with! Now that they’re being sold in select Michaels stores, who wouldn’t want to document their trek on film?

We had so much fun creating this pitching video and it turned out great! The EggBods escape from their boxes and find themselves frantically attempting to find the local Michaels Store. Find out if Crack Commando, Captain Hardboiled, Eggbot, Fireman Scramble, Tinkershell, Eggalina, Nurse Eggwhite, and Eggs Factor ever accomplished their mission!

If they made it, then you’re in luck! If you purchase 2 or more EggBods from Michaels Stores now, and send your receipt to, you’ll receive a free EggBod! Visit to find an EggBod-carrying Michaels near you!

Check out the Eggbods YouTube channel and watch the adventure unfold:

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