Are the holidays about presents or presence? Having been a merchant for many years, my initial thoughts surrounding the holidays typically occurred in the middle of summer. When most folks were putting on sunblock, I was planning for the biggest selling season of the year. Now as a digital marketing professional, I still find myself following this timeline, urging clients to have their holiday marketing plans in place, finalizing their strategies even as early as August or September.

If you aren’t thinking about how to get the message out to your customers now, you are going to miss the holiday “party.” The back to school season is over and the conversations around Halloween and Thanksgiving are in full swing. Putting the final touches on your strategy and driving traffic to your website are key for a successful holiday season. This is the time to host the “cocktail hour” to your “holiday dinner.” You want to get your customers primed for your main course. You want to tease them with the aromas coming from the kitchen while they sip their favorite beverage.

But how do you get your consumers excited? Follow these tips below and you’re sure to drive attention to your brand, and in turn increase holiday sales.

Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday Gift Guides in print and digital outlets are a great way to share the latest products from your brand. However, timing is of the essence and if you haven’t already engaged with the media or a public relations agency to conduct media outreach on your brand’s behalf, you’ve likely missed the deadlines for print opportunities. Luckily, it’s not too late for the digital holiday gift guides.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for any brand. It is always recommended to utilize rich content to best reach your consumers via social media channels. Is your brand promoting anything for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Do you have videos highlighting the new products? Showcasing these promotions with image rich content will help to engage consumers.

Digital Advertising

This is a great way to invest in a brand and drive traffic and conversion to the brand’s online e-commerce site. Digital ads combined with a solid social media strategy will not only build a brand’s community, but it will build sales and profits, too. Promoting limited time offers will be great incentives to get consumers to buy now rather than later.

Website Optimization

Consumers will be looking at many brands during the holiday season so it’s important that your brand’s site can be found. By optimizing the website for top keywords, your brand has a stronger chance of being found.

Looking for ways to increase holiday sales, but don’t know where to start? lotus823 is here to make your holiday season a success. Contact us today!

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