How to be Successful in Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is an essential part of establishing your brand, both online and offline. It consists of defining your company’s identity through narratives and stories that captivate your target audience. All posts and content your brand shares are linked back to this unique story. Thanks to social media, your brand can easily communicate with followers in a way that is authentic and representative of your brand.

Looking to improve your brand’s storytelling strategy? Read on for our top tips that your brand can incorporate into its narrative.

Tip 1. Do your Research

Before starting any process of storytelling, do your research about the business you’re working with. Look into their core values, employees, work environment, etc. and understand what this business values. From there, you can create unique and authentic copy that will catch the attention of the reader. Make sure to consistently revisit the narrative to ensure it is reflective of who the brand is today. At lotus823, we are always evolving and growing as a business. In order to reflect those changes, we updated our core values to represent who we are as a company today. Now, we incorporate each of our core values into the content we create. These values are representative of our team and who we are today.

Tip 2. Consistently Tie Back to your Unique Narrative

Every brand has something they stand for, something that makes them different from the competition. Use this uniqueness to your advantage to create a narrative that consistently ties back to your key points. Incorporate these key points into your website copy, blog posts, and campaigns, allowing your brand to become known for what it does best. Every post, email, or representation of your brand should hit the key points in your narrative.

Tip 3. Be Authentic

One of the most valuable tips we can offer is to be authentic. After establishing your core values and your unique story, use these points to write authentic and engaging copy. With the overload of content on social media, authenticity can easily be lost. You can fix this by establishing a relationship with your audience; use hashtags, Facebook groups, and actively communicate with your audience. Understand how your audience fits into your narrative and revolve your campaigns around them. Consider using humor or personal stories that your audience can interact with and relate to, and will evoke emotion.

lotus823 is here to help your brand tell its story. Contact us today to make sure your storytelling is the best it can be.

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