October Highlights: What Mattered Most this Month in Digital Marketing & Other Industry News

Social Media

Snapchat Launches ‘Dynamic Ads’ Which Will Create Ads Based on Uploaded Product Catalogs

Snapchat’s newest update, Dynamic Ads, simplifies the process of creating an ad on the platform. Here’s how it works: advertisers upload their product catalog to Snapchat and can use the various built-in templates to develop the ad. The platform will offer variations of the advertisements for advertisers to select from. Once chosen, advertisers can then display the advertisement to relevant audiences.

Facebook Tests ‘Suggested Time’ Feature for Scheduled Posts

Reaching your target audience has just become easier. Facebook recently revealed it is testing a new option, Suggested Time, which allows advertisers to reach their target audience at their most active times. Facebook will analyze a page’s target audience and suggest posting times to the page’s Admins. While this update might not be the best option for scheduling ads, it is definitely an option for advertisers to consider.

LinkedIn Introduces Enhanced Targeting Tools for Advertisers

Recent updates from LinkedIn will improve an advertiser’s ability to reach their target audience. The platform introduced three new features: Audience Forecasting, Precision Targeting, and Enhanced Reporting. Here’s a brief overview of what each update offers: Audience Forecasting provides more information about an audience like company sizes, experience, etc. Precision Targeting allows advertisers to broaden their search queries, improving overall targeting. Enhanced Reporting improves overall reporting capabilities. These updates are available in LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager.

Instagram Tests a New Event ‘Invited’ Sticker for Stories

Attention all event planners: Instagram recently introduced the Invite sticker, which allows users to share event details through Stories. In this new update, users can add the date and location of an event and viewers can easily RSVP through the sticker. Thanks to this update, it’s much simpler to generate event interest and improve overall awareness!

Industry News

How Amazon’s Expanding Prime Program Could Impact Brands and Sellers

This month, Amazon Prime dropped the shipping minimum price threshold. Before the update, users had to order in bundles in order to receive free shipping. Now, products that cost as low as $5 can be shipped through Prime. While this change improves overall customer experience, brands and retailers are stuck with the price cut.

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