An effective email marketing strategy opens up a plethora of opportunities for maximizing brand awareness and sales for your online store. As previously discussed in our blog post, Email Marketing 101: What Your Brand Needs to Know, there are different types of campaigns available for nurturing leads and converting them into customers. Learn more about our best practices for sending email marketing campaigns geared toward your ecommerce customers below!

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips for Success

Connecting with New and Existing Customers

Every business’ underlying goal is to increase sales, but maintaining steady growth is key to overall success. Through email marketing, your brand is given a unique channel to directly interact with your target audience. Email marketing accounts for approximately 23% of sales, making it one of the most cost-effective marketing tools a brand can utilize. Whether you are currently taking advantage of ecommerce email marketing or you are looking for ways to further grow success, check out these tips for taking your company’s digital marketing efforts to the next level.

Ecommerce Newsletters

The first step to developing brand loyalty is through customer relationships. According to 80% of business professionals, email marketing increases customer retention. By inviting your audience to sign up for email updates and special offers, you are laying the foundation for a long-term customer relationship. Email marketing is a great way to keep subscribers up to date on the latest products and services, promotions, brand news, and more.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips for Success

The best type of email campaigns to run for ecommerce stores are ones that push conversions. For the customers who leave your website before checking out with the items in their cart, sending an abandoned cart email is a prime example on how you can trigger a conversion Another type of campaign that urges customers to complete a transaction once on the site, is by offering exclusive coupons to those who act now and make a purchase with an allotted time frame.

Planning strategic email marketing campaigns for seasonal campaigns can have a significant impact on your brand’s ecommerce sales. Studies show that consumers who make transactions through email marketing campaigns spend 138% more than those who are not opted in for receiving offers. Brands are able to promote their deals months in advance with teasers for major shopping events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips for Success

Testing and Evaluating Campaigns

Without listening to your audience, how will you know your brand messaging is resonating? This is where A/B testing in your email marketing strategy comes in handy. Emails that are well-designed and easily digestible are proven to have higher conversion rates. There are a variety of aspects pertaining to email marketing campaigns that can be tested:

  • Send dates/times that get the best engagement
  • Subject lines that boost open rates
  • Style of imagery and content that resonates
  • Different design elements

After running your campaigns with different variations, you are then able to track and measure your performance. Reviewing such analytics allows you to improve your email marketing campaigns for the next time. Successfully implemented retargeting emails drive 28.3% of all ecommerce revenue.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips for Success

Need help establishing your ecommerce presence through email campaigns? Email marketing is made up of several moving pieces, and our team has your brand covered on all variables. Learn more today!

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