Countdown to Launch! Planning and Executing a Successful Product Launch

T- 3…2…1. Liftoff! And you’ve launched!

While not a rocket ship or NASA-grade cargo space-craft, it’s beneficial to mirror that level of precision and detail when planning any type of client launch. Whether working with a smaller crowdfunded product launch or a legacy brand, there’s much more to public relations and building awareness than issuing a press release.

3 – Preparation and Logistics

While you may have a deep understanding and background on your client, you will need to nail down all of the details to create a successful strategy. How does this new product fit into its respective space? Will the product be available the day of launch? Where will customers be able to purchase the item and/or where would you like any potential articles to hyperlink? Do you want product reviews to publish on the same day of launch and, if so, how far in advance should embargoed outreach begin?

All of these questions dive into the finer details, which in turn help you create a plan that not only meets deadlines, but does so with the least number of obstacles in place. In tandem with requested confirmation on these important details, set yourself up for success by keeping each facet organized in advance.

2 – Build out your Narratives and Pitches

Time to bring some creative flair to those details and logistics! In order to accurately communicate this exciting moment to various media verticals, it’s wise to craft messaging that directly meets each particular audience’s unique perspective. For example, you would highlight different features of a countertop appliance for tech-related media than you would for home and living media.

It’s important to note, while it’s crucial to stick to the messaging while launching a product, you should also build in the ability to adapt. The media and marketing landscape moves fast, so being adaptable is key for you and your client’s success.

1 – Launch! And Continue Momentum

Launch – finally you can put all the pieces together! Reach out to your target media and provide them with any assets, such as images, pricing, and specs, well in advance. This allows press to obtain the key information all at once and makes their job easier for putting together a quick story without an in-depth interview. If the launch also includes a coordinated event, such as a product unboxing, be sure to touch base with all parties on launch day to determine if they have any additional needs.

Remember – generating publicity is never one and done. From launch day and beyond, it’s you (and your client!) who determine how you can continue to move the needle and generate enduring awareness. Finding timely themes based on holidays, planning creative campaigns for industry events, finding relevant awards, and more will help fill the time after launch and create new conversations surrounding your client’s product.

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