Once again CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, took the dry desert city of Las Vegas, Nevada by storm. This year though, the splash the show made was quite literal. With a long-overdue rain storm starting on Monday, and totaling 1.33 inches of rain by the time it ended on Tuesday, the city was being flooded, literally with the record-breaking rainfall, and also figuratively by the 180,000+ attendees that came for the show.

With so much going on at the show- the rain, the crowds, Hey Google– here are some exciting moments from our clients who attended CES 2018 that you may have missed.


It’s always good when a product can turn the skeptics! Audio-Technica’s new release, the ATH-ADX5000 headphones, did just that for headphone expert Tyll Hertsens. You can see his reaction to the all-new headphones in this video clip:

Maverick Industries  

Maverick Industries debuted the very first Alexa-enabled food thermometer at CES this year. The iChef Voice Activated Thermometer ET-739 works with Amazon Alexa to inform at-home chefs of the temperature of their food and send alerts when the food will be ready. That’s easy cooking!


Nuheara started its trip to CES at Unveiled where the company debuted three exciting products. The brand’s expanded range of hearables now includes two revolutionary intelligent earbud products, IQbuds Boost™ and LiveIQ™, as well as an upgrade to the multi-award winning IQbuds™. The fun continued as Nuheara had a very special visit from none other than Stevie Wonder! By the looks of it, we think it is safe to say that Mr. Wonder enjoyed what Nuheara was showing. Nuheara was also named a winner in both the Dealerscope IMPACT! Awards and TWICE Picks Awards.

Stevie Wonder CES 2018


If you didn’t try on a pair of Runtopia Reach smart sneakers at CES, then you missed out. These new sneakers are up there with the big-boy brands in terms of comfort. But what’s more, the shoe is chipped, and with Runtopia’s App, you receive real-time audio coaching on your form as you run, and more! These shoes are seriously cool, which is perhaps just one of the reasons why the brand was also named a TWICE Picks Award winner.

Runtopia CES 2018


Somfy launched into an all-new sector at CES: smart home security. The Somfy Protect line, especially the highly-deterring Somfy Outdoor Camera, was received exceptionally well at the show. The most exciting moment came when the Somfy team had the pleasure of showing France’s Secretary of State in charge of Digital Affairs, Mounir Mahjoubi, the newest home security technologies. Oh, and winning a TWICE Picks Award and being named an honoree in the CES 2018 Innovation Awards was pretty exciting too!  

Somfy CES 2018

Additionally from lotus823 clients: Night Owl unveiled its new at-home surveillance systems. MicroVision showcased its PicoP® scanning technology, among other new technologies. Serena VM debuted its new interface, which allows organizations with remote or branch offices to virtually manage the cyber security of all offices from a central location.

lotus823 CESAnd of course, CES was a great place to network! At the end of the day, teams get the invaluable chance to connect with one another, adding a little excitement to the work day and personalization to their work relationships. The lotus823 team was lucky to be able to enjoy a few delicious dinners together in Las Vegas, ending each day of CES with a collective, “Cheers!” (Our recommendations: Julian Serrano and Arawan Thai Bistro.)

And that’s what is so great about everything shown at CES this year; so much of it allows people to make these desirable connections- with others, with their homes, with themselves- in novel, exciting ways.

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