While Sophia and my Special Aflac Duck were turning heads at CES, it is only right that Sony had a robot of its own. The new Aibo robot dog responds to touch and voice and has a series of touch sensors on its head, chin, and back. Aibo also has a camera on the tip of its nose to help identify family members and search for its “Aibone.” While CES attendees could not touch Aibo, it was still a crowd favorite. Aibo is available for shipping in Japan as of next week for $1,800 in addition to a $27 monthly subscription.

After playing with Aibo, you’ll probably need to recharge yourself! This is the second year that CES has had a section dedicated to sleep tech. While there are dozens of sleep trackers, whether on your phone or a stand alone system, SleepScore Labs introduced Max. Max is a contactless tracker that sits at your bedside, meaning that the days of having to sleep with your phone in your bed are over. Max sends radio waves throughout your room, which pick up and track your breathing patterns, giving you a “sleep score.” Dr. Oz even held a discussion on the “sleep academic” and the importance around the emerging technology.

While self driving cars and robots may have been stealing the show, laptops had a strong presence during the week as well. The largest theme found throughout all of the hottest laptops were Alexa integration and being thinner than ever. Dell, HP, and Lenovo specifically dominated the laptop realm.

While smart home has been one of the largest markets at CES, it seems that every room in your home can now be equipped with a different device! Kohler introduced Konnect which takes tech into the shower with you. The device is a voice-controlled shower that allows users to control the temperature, lighting, and music. Samsung also introduced their Family Hub fridge, serving as a single place in your house to control all of your paired smart home devices with right on your refrigerator’s door.

With over 3,900 exhibitors, it is nearly impossible to see all of the latest products at CES. Between self driving cars, drones, headphones, and more, TechRadar has put together the best in show that you can read here!

As CES winds down and the tech industry leaders flee Las Vegas, we are nothing but impressed at this year’s showings. CES has proven that 2018 will be yet another impressive year for tech. Now we can begin counting down the days until CES 2019!

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