As we collect ourselves from the whirlwind that is the Consumer Electronics Show, we look forward to the next big trade show, The International Home + Housewares Show (IH+HS). This annual trade exhibition in Chicago sets the housewares industry benchmark for product innovation, market trends, and business practices. More than 2,200 exhibitors from six continents display the latest, most innovative housewares offerings, from kitchen appliances and cleaning tools to smart home products. With decades of seasoned experience, lotus823 is well-positioned to lead you down the road to IH+HS.  Let us use our years of hands-on show experience to offer a fresh set of eyes and help support and guide your company’s marketing efforts.

Why Should my Company Exhibit at IH+HS?

It is essential for brands in the housewares industry to attend IH+HS, as the annual premier exhibition draws more than 60,000 attendees, including:

  • 99% of key U.S. housewares buyers, from specialty and department stores to e-commerce sites and corporate gift retailers.
  • Leading media representatives from outlets such as The New York Times, the Today show, and CNBC.

Positioning your company in front of these influencers largely boosts media exposure, allowing your brand to stay ahead of rising industry trends in real time.

11 Simple Steps to Success at IH+HS

  1. Show Planning

First, you will need to define your goals for the show, as well as the metrics you’ll use to measure success. Now is the time to assess your core planning elements, including timeline, budget, and company resources.

  1. Integrated Marketing Strategy

Once you have determined goals and metrics for your IH+HS branding, begin to map out your overall positioning strategy. This includes how your brand should be represented in media outreach and across social media platforms.

  1. Public Relations Strategy

Develop a plan for consistent and impactful branding across all channels. With hundreds of media contacts attending IH+HS, it is essential to identify key media and create customized content and press materials in a timely manner. A well thought-out and carefully executed plan will ensure your messaging is communicated to the most effective and relevant channels for your brand.

  1. Media Outreach

Ensure your pitches to media contacts don’t get lost in the inbox. Position yourself as an authoritative and credible resource by crafting authentic content, compelling stories, and brand-centric visuals. Be sure that your pitches are newsworthy and to the point; the relevance of your outreach should be immediately evident, and entice the journalist to want to learn more.

  1. Maximize Show Opportunities

There are numerous press events and show opportunities to help maximize your brand exposure and effectively tell your story. From the Inspired Home Web Portal to Trade Publication Profiles, there are myriad ways to garner meaningful coverage. To get the most of IH+HS, it’s imperative to take full advantage of these resources.

  1. Key Exposure Opportunities & Deadlines

Entry into the most well-known awards and buzz-worthy showcases prior to the event is a key component to a successful show strategy. Maximize your brand’s presence through social media and on-site event monitoring surrounding the awards and showcases.

  1. Specialty Showcases

IH+HS hosts exclusive, themed previews for new vendors and specialty products. Should your brand be selected to attend, these showcases provide insight into the newest innovations and offer a glimpse of upcoming trends. Use them to see how your product stands up against the competition and to gain insights for inspiration and future product development.  

  1. Seek Out On-Site Opportunities

Ensure you keep the momentum from your pre-show efforts going through on-site pitching. Engagement with the pressroom and IH+HS social media is vital for real-time story opportunities with broadcast stations, print outlets and digital press throughout the show.

  1. Social Media Engagement

Engaging with influencers, key media representatives, and other attendees allows your brand to be heavily involved in the conversation around IH+HS. To make the most of your social media outreach, be sure to identify leading influencers and be prepared with an arsenal of creative content. Look for industry experts in your area of business, and create attention-grabbing content that best represents the standout features of your brand.

  1. Measuring Success

Metrics and KPIs are key to determining the success of your presence at IH+HS. Once the show has ended, revisit the goals you set prior to the show and begin to evaluate your performance. Through calculating leads, data from your website, media coverage, and social media engagement, you will get a full, meaningful assessment of your accomplishments.

  1. Post-Show Strategy

Your strategy should not end when the show is over. Timely post-show follow up and continued communication with all contacts made at IH+HS is key for optimal success. Growing and nurturing IH+HS relationships throughout the year sets the foundation to achieve significant growth for your business.  

Maximizing your presence at this show will positively impact your bottom line, and lotus823 is uniquely poised to guide you to new levels of success at IH+HS and beyond.

Our digital marketing and PR team provides leading housewares brands with a powerful blend of strategic marketing services for IH+HS. If you are looking to learn more about how we can help your brand, reach out in the contact box below!

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