Over the years, we have worked with dozens of housewares brands in developing strategic plans designed to help them flourish. Learn how we helped The Fulham Group, a fast-growing home and grilling manufacturer, receive more than 2.4 million impressions as a result of one brand ambassadorship program below!

Case Study Spotlight: The Fulham Group


The Fulham Group, a fast-growing consumer products manufacturer based in Newton, MA, focuses on designing, developing and marketing quality products in the home and outdoor grilling categories. As the exclusive licensee for Cuisinart® outdoor cooking products, The Fulham Group has been helping families and friends enjoy their outdoor cooking experiences since 2008.

In 2018, The Fulham Group began a partnership with lotus823, seeking assistance with managing the brand’s marketing activities, including social media, public relations, and influencer activations, to optimize performance of its content and engage key grilling fan audiences.


Our goal was to educate consumers about The Fulham Group’s 3-in-1 Five Burner Gas Grill’s usage for much more than just standard barbecue recipes, as well as highlight its other unique features.

To aid in meeting this goal, our team developed a multi-pronged strategy leveraging niche influencer opportunities across social media outlets. In creating relationships with highly targeted influencers, The Fulham Group’s products would gain increased visibility and recognition in front of key audiences and garner instant credibility from influencer validation.

3-in-1 Five Burner Gas Grill


To execute a successful influencer marketing strategy, we first conducted thorough research to identify niche influencers who would increase brand awareness for top outdoor grilling products. Through our efforts, we secured and developed a brand ambassadorship with Instagram influencer, @GrillHunters.

Grill Hunters’ owner Max is an Instagram influencer who is self-proclaimed to “specialize in all things barbecue!” His social media feed focuses on outdoor grilling products, recipes, and tips informing his audience of the latest barbecue trends.


Over the course of a two-month partnership, we were able to generate impressive results for The Fulham Group. Partnering with Grill Hunters enabled The Fulham Group to reach a very specific audience of nearly 620,000 grilling enthusiasts. This was a key benefit for raising awareness about both the brand and the 3-in-1 Five Burner Gas Grill in front of target audiences.


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The initial collaboration with Grill Hunters generated more than 6,670 engagements. We also partnered with the Instagram page for a second ambassadorship into the following quarter. Throughout the entire duration of this partnership, lotus823 was able to secure eight activations with Grill Hunters, resulting in more than 2.4 million total impressions on behalf of The Fulham Group.


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As a result of our efforts, we were able to garner exposure and alignment with a key target audience through an established and respected brand advocate. Further, this strategic collaboration has ensured that The Fulham Group is continuing to grow awareness of and instill trust in the brand in front of its niche target market.


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To learn more about the strategy and our results with The Fulham Group, view our full case study.

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