When I graduated from college, I began my job search for an agency where I could jumpstart my career. An overly simplified version of how this process turned out? It was like finding the perfect pair of shoes.

It may seem silly to compare my job search to a pair of shoes, but here is why this related to me landing a spot on the lotus823 team.

Perfect Size Matters:

Agencies vary in size. There are large firms who have hundreds of thousands employees, mid-sized firms who have between 50-200 employees and then boutique firms like our digital marketing and PR agency. When you’re at your interview, take time to experience the energy of each space that’s best for you – the same way you probably need to try on a few shoe sizes before you know which one fits best.

The Right Style is Crucial:

Some firms are solely focused on beauty clients, while others might only focus on sports-related clients. You won’t love and commit to your shoe without absolutely loving how it reflects your personal style – the same goes for agencies. You want to be somewhere that you’re passionate about so you’re able to put your best foot forward.

Always Try Them On:

Some agencies have part-time positions available whether it be for a contract position or an internship. This is a great opportunity to get to know the team outside of an interview or networking setting. [Here are some more tips from our team on how to prepare for an agency interview.]

Be a Rockstar:

You should wear your new kicks with confidence the same way you should wear your personality. Knowing what you’re worth and projecting confidence, while still being humble and receptive to learning is important when you’re on an interview or starting at your new job. Have faith in your skills and what you know and try not to second-guess whether you’re up to performing the task.

What do you look for in a prospective agency career?

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