Hello and welcome to the lotus823 headquarters.

If you consider yourself a creative individual with a vivid imagination (as I do), you may find yourself pondering at times: I wonder what his/her life is like. I wonder what his/her office looks like. I wonder what his/her home looks like. Is it modern or traditional? Is it bright? And, with much communication happening virtually, you may even wonder what individuals look like.

With that, I invite you into our PR and digital marketing agency—full of bright colors and quirky items that stimulate our creativity, along with a sleek modern aesthetic and just the right amount of coziness to make us feel at home.



With plenty of homey, cozy touches, our lounge is the perfect place to take a load off or to have a quick meeting.

Accenting What We’re About

“We do what we love and we love what we do.” 

Our entry way provides insight into who we are, playing host to our manifesto, along with our industry honors.

“Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.” 

Big Ideas

Named after the legendary surfing spot Mavericks, known for its massive waves that can only be ridden by the world’s best surfers, our conference room is home to brilliant brainstorms and strategy development discussions. As with the celebrity of these waves, the ideas developed here spread around the world, all beginning at a boutique New Jersey agency.

As Jersey shore natives, we certainly love the ocean. We find it inspirational and to evoke a sense of zen..

Mavericks is also home to one of my other favorite sources of inspiration: Diet Coke.

Where the Magic Happen

“Teamwork is dream work.”

Pictured here are the loti hard at work. Along with plenty of windows for a ton of natural light, our walls are adorned with orange (said to cause feelings of enthusiasm) and green (thought to relieve stress). Sounds like we’re set up for a balanced working environment, eh?

“Uncommon objects say… you’re creative and open to new experiences.”

(See my post “I’m Not Neurotic I Just Work in Integrated Marketing”)

Little Creative Spaces

lotus823 both welcomes and evokes creativity. Here there’s a place for the artist in all of us.

My Favorite Place

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” —Julia Child 

lotus823 supplies my favorite snacks.

(Read on to learn more reasons why #MyJobisBetterThanYours)

When You Have a Food Coma…

You could work at this nice standing desk.

However, I would prefer to face plant onto our giant bean bags (we call them “cocoa puffs”) and snooze.

Well, my friends, that’s it for today. But, I hope you’ll come back to visit us again.

Tell us: What’s your office like? What do you find to be the best color to work in?

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