If your marketing strategy is a one-way street, you might want to revisit the drawing board before setting another campaign to go live. It’s time to make room for another player in your marketing game.

We’ve all seen the Facebook giveaways, Twitter chats and Instagram hashtag social media marketing campaigns, which are effective, but what about incorporating chat apps?

WhatsApp Messenger has been making headlines everywhere since Facebook announced its acquisition of the app last month after it laid out a small $19 billion for the platform. So what does this mean for content marketers? Two-way communication, of course! Two-way communication with the people who mean the most to your brand: your audience.

While this approach to brand awareness is still in its infancy, some brands have already taken charge and are rocking it. The goal is to keep your audience engaged and with this new approach, it’s so simple.

Israeli chocolate company Klik is one brand that wanted to target their teen audience and took their campaign to WhatsApp. By adding their phone number to their Facebook profile, they initiated a game of Simon Says and the response was amazing.

Though WhatsApp might be popular among a younger audience, this shouldn’t discourage you from reaching other demographics. The interest in chat apps has grown astonishingly over the past few years and is only projected to increase, according to Google Trends.

Take Absolut, for example. The famous vodka company wanted to grant their Argentinian audience access to their exclusive guest list to celebrate the production of 4 million uniquely designed Absolut bottles. Their bouncer, Sven, wasn’t an easy man to convince. Take a look:

The future of chat apps is unknown but from what we’ve seen, it’s personal and it works. It opens up a different content marketing avenue.

Have you used chat apps for you social media campaigns? Share your outcome and thoughts with us below!

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