At the beginning of 2014, we became witness to some of the best content TV has had to offer from holiday promotions to the beloved SuperBowl.

Just because the weather has grown warmer and we’re more incline to spend time outdoors doesn’t mean that TV hasn’t offered us some great content at the start of this summer.

Now that we’ve just about reached the midpoint of 2014 (can you believe it?) I wanted to share some of my favorite branded content thus far.

The Budweiser Dog

Need I say more? My heart still melts every time I watch this commercial.

Maxwell the Pig

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that as a child my friends and I were fluent in pig latin, or the reaction of Maxwell when he hears the couple trying to take a picture, but I can’t watch this without laughing.


Their content is so intense that you can’t believe your eyes that it’s real. Every day on their Facebook, YouTube and Twitter they feature a new video whether it’s from a professional athlete or a fan. The videos and images they share sell their product. Content marketing at its finest.



Jack Links – Hangry Moment

At lotus823, being hangry is something we try to avoid. But being the foodies we are sometimes we cut it close, which is why I can totally relate to these commercials. Thank god for the stocked cabinets we can usually steer clear of these hangry moments.

Taco Bell “Ronald McDonald”

Just like most of the content published by Taco Bell, the breakfast campaign was pure genius. Whether you love or hate Taco Bell, I’m sure you wish you thought of this yourself.

We still have the rest of 2014 to see some amazing content from brands. Who are you expecting to see finish on top?

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