As an integrated marketing agency, my team and I need to consistently be thinking of fresh ideas, fresh like a delicious fall-time apple. In the spirit of fall apple picking, let me break down for you how the best attributes of lotus823 can be compared to our favorite fall snack.

I’ll begin from the inside with seeds and core that represent the ones who started it all. Allison and David are truly the core of this company and the ideas, or the seeds, that they had during the conception of it all make lotus823 what it is today.

Then, you have the flesh of the apple. The flesh consists of our amazing public relations, social media and search engine optimization teams. Every day, we work together to brainstorm ideas, create content and eat delicious food of course!

The stem, leaves and skin make up our clients, their image and the customers who are using their products. The outside of the apple is what everyone sees. You want your skin to be polished and attractive because no one likes to bite into a bruised apple.

Every part of the apple is essential to making it the tasty fruit that it is. At lotus823, everyone from client to employee to customer is essential to our successful integrated marketing approach.

How would you describe your office culture? Share with us in the comments below!

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