Being a communications professional is a lot of fun. No day is the same, and the opportunities to grow and learn both professionally and personally are endless. And one thing’s for sure: you never know what you’ll stumble upon on the Internet.

Working at an integrated marketing agency requires the daily task of research. I am continuously searching the web for new blog post ideas, the perfect reporter to pitch or an innovative way to approach a client’s social media content. Always excited about my latest findings, I find myself bookmarking my favorite links to reference later. (I do the same when I stumble upon a funny e-card, a hilarious BuzzFeed list or even a splurge worthy pocketbook [or two!].)

I continuously make daily promises to myself that I’ll send the new social media findings to the team later, purchase the pocketbook tonight or share the e-card tomorrow. However, later, tonight and tomorrow sometimes never come, even though I find myself still bookmarking links regularly.

To turn this bad habit on its head, I’ve decided to share a few of my favorite links that I look to for industry news or creative inspiration. I hope you enjoy my latest Internet findings as much as I enjoy stumbling upon them!

Favorite Marketing Articles: Pitching, Connecting and Dressing for Success

  1. nyc PR girls – In their installment, How to Pitch Newspapers, Adrianna offers a bundle of strategies on how to pitch newspaper reporters. The most beneficial point I found was making your pitch clear and concise. The reporter doesn’t want to hear fluff!
  2. The Next Web – On May 5, LinkedIn turned 10! It’s true when they say, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” The professional networking platform is proof that it’s important to stay in touch with previous employers or friends. Job opportunities come from networking. Today, LinkedIn has become the professional platform to stay connected as you can communicate, offer advice or share marketing articles within the platform.
  3. PR Daily – Nowadays, companies need to have a voice on social media. Unfortunately, with a constant voice comes the opportunity to make mistakes. PR Daily shares the best tips to overcome a public typo: own it and accept it! The public will have more respect for you if you own up to your mistake rather than delete it!
  4. – I grew up watching Lauren Conrad lead the popular clique through high school on Laguna Beach. Since then, both LC and I have grown up a lot! However, she still remains one of my favorite celebrities, specifically because of her chic and trendy style. Whenever I am in a rut, I always visit her blog to figure out the perfect outfit for any occasion. She even knows how to dress for success when working at a marketing agency like lotus823.

What are your favorite links right now? Let us know by commenting below!

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