The workday always makes me feel hungry. Whether sorting e-mails, corresponding with clients or pitching new products, the brainwaves used at work seem to burn more calories than my nightly runs. That busy feeling is something we all crave and thrive on at lotus823. Whether the public relations team is vigorously pitching a new product or our search engine marketing team is running website analytics, the team is always on the move!

The fast-paced environment at lotus823 has the team looking forward to our lunch hour to recharge, caffeinate and rejuvenate for the afternoon, along with having some good laughs together. I recently came across this article on PR Daily about how most marketers spend their lunch hour. Not only was I surprised but also dismayed by the number of PR and marketing professionals who scarf down lunch at their desk. I believe, and I know my teammates would agree, lunch is the most important hour during our work day. It is one hour you can step away from your desk and refresh your mind in preparation for the afternoon!

Below is a break down of the top three reasons why I break for lunch, everyday!

The Lunch Break Guide:

  1. Mental Break – It’s important to step away from the computer from time to time. Continuously focusing on the computer screen staring at the same pitch, the same media list or scrolling through spreadsheets can make you go stir-crazy. Taking a mental break from the glowing screen can improve work productivity and generate new and creative ideas. Another alternative is take a few minutes to read a book or industry trade magazine to give your eyes a rest from the computer screen. Taking a break from your assignments will make you perform better!
  2. Recharge – Your body physically needs food to fuel up. If you don’t snack during the day than a bigger lunch is a must! I personally like to gradually snack my way to lunch, usually a yogurt or piece of fruit does the trick. If your stomach is growling for some grub then your mind is not solely focused on your tasks. Take a break! The integrated marketing strategy you are working on will be waiting for you when you get back, I promise!
  3. Network – Taking a lunch break provides you the opportunity to network with colleagues and other professionals within the industry. Chatting with peers allows you to discuss current events, industry trends or even celebrity gossip! If you feel the urge to work during lunch, plan a lunch brainstorm to make the hour productive.

The next time the clock strikes noon, don’t worry what others doing. Step away from your desk and indulge in your delicious lunch hour, work free! Your boss, clients and most of all – your stomach – will thank you.

How do you spend your lunch hour? Let us know by commenting below!

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