Tim Tebow has been generating a lot of buzz throughout this 2011-2012 NFL season. Yes, he led the Denver Broncos to the first and second rounds of playoffs; however, most of the buzz created by Tebow was from his move of getting on one knee and starting to pray, despite what was going on around him.

A fan’s admiration of this move found the term “Tebowing” and created a website with some friends with uploaded pictures of them replicating Tebow’s signature move. Founder, Jared Kleinstein, thought it would be something for his friends. But his original idea exemplifies how powerful the Internet and social media can be.

Two days after Kleinstein posted the website, Tebowing.com, it had 350,000 unique visitors. Since late October, the website has received photos from over 75 countries and the website has continued to grow into much more (containing different categories of pictures and an interactive portion).

Then, Tebow made social media history again after the first round of playoffs. After Tebow’s 80-yard overtime touchdown to win the game, he made twitter history with 9,420 tweets per second. This event is now number two on the most-tweets-per-second.

Top 10 Most-Tweets-Per-Second List:

1. Anime movie Castle in the Sky was televised in Japan (25,088 tweets per second)
2. Tim Tebow’s overtime touchdown (9,420 tweets per second)
3. Beyonce’s pregnancy confirmation at the MTV Video Music Awards (8,868 tweets per second)
4. The execution of Troy Davis (7,671 tweets per second)
5. FIFA Women’s World Cup – Both Games (7,196 and 7,166 tweets per second)
6. Steve Jobs Resigns (7,064 tweets per second)
7. New Year’s Day in Japan (6,939 tweets per second)
8. The award confusion between Rihanna and Chris Brown at the BET Awards (6,436 tweets per second)
9. UEFA Champions League (Barcelona vs. Manchester United) (6,303 tweets per second)
10. Steve Jobs passes away (6,049 tweets per second)

Are there any events on this list that surprise you? Leave us your comments!

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