At lotus823 we understand the importance of integrated marketing. However, many digital marketing professionals still believe organic strategies such as SEO and social media work independently of one another. This fallacy can do major damage to your organic marketing. In reality, SEO and social media work in sync to help your brand acquire customers and boost site traffic.

With this concept in mind, you can revitalize your organic marketing strategy and improve your rank in search by focusing on the following tips.

Google and Twitter Work Hand In Hand

Google’s page indexing process can be tedious, as the amount of published content seems to multiply by the second. Thankfully Twitter can help Google zero in on your content faster. While indexing, Google will take into consideration the time your content was published, how many re-tweets it received and how many people are tweeting it. Faster indexing means more organic traffic to your site!

Earlier this year, Google and Twitter signed a new partnership that literally changed the face of search engine results. Now, real-time tweets will populate as results to relevant search queries. This new development makes the connection between your content and social even stronger.

Boost Your Credibility With Social Media Influence

Being considered a credible source is an important factor when it comes ranking on Google. To put it simply, credible sources will rank higher in search results. Social media influence plays a big role in helping Google determine your credibility. The three key factors to social media influence are: reach, resonance and relevance. Your influence can be determined if you’re reaching high-quality followers, posting content with relevance to your brand that resonates with your audience and drives engagement.

Optimize Your Social Posts

Keywords aren’t just for your website, they are vital for your social channels as well. This is especially true for YouTube, which is considered the second largest search engine. Optimizing your titles and descriptions with relevant phrases and keywords will make it easier for users to find your brand. Be sure to keep social media in mind when developing your SEO strategy and compiling keywords.

Social Link Building

Gaining high-quality links back to your site is essential for ranking in Google search results. Due to their high web authority, social networks are the perfect place for link building. Place a link to your site in the profile section of each social media account, as well as within your social content.

Don’t be fooled, SEO and social media cannot exist in their own silos. By using them in conjunction with one another you can build a solid organic marketing strategy.

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