Pinterest, the language of pop pins and pleasant pictures, is an amazing tool if you use it the right way, and most companies don’t. 

Why, you may ask? 

It develops its own momentum in a very accelerated way if you tap into things intrinsically “Pinteresty,” and if you don’t your pins sit and go nowhere, like a motivational poster in a dusty basement. 

Since Pinterest is based on snap visual opinions, at its root, then all you have to do is capture the public eye, and you’re off to the races. Its oft-underestimated functionality can be your social media marketing machine if you play with it the right way.

  • Pin things that engage your audience.

In other words, give your viewers something to do. Challenge them! This is why recipes, DIY projects, etc. are so popular. Engagement is conversation; get people moving, and you will have people listening. There’s a dialogue, where you pin a task, someone interested completes it, and they return thinking “ok, what’s next?” 

  • Pin the perfect picture.

Piece of cake, right? Seriously, though, we’ve let experts aggregate data and what images perform the best on Pinterest.  WIRED wrote a blog on the perfect Pinterest picture, analyzing their findings: 

  • Little background
  • Multiple dominant colors
  • Lots of red
  • Portrait style (aspect ratio 2:3 through 4:5)
  • Moderate light and color
  •  Target Pinterest-specific trends in topic.

Pinterest is an odd exception to most wildly trending subjects because its forum is a tad left of the murder, if you will. It doesn’t look like other social media sites; it’s more of a corkboard, so pick subjects that look good on a bulletin board. We’ve listed some of the heavy-hitting topics to generate traffic for your pins in our infographic below: 

Calculating and crafting the perfect Pinterest marketing strategy can shape the way people view and interact with your brand. Good luck and we wish you pleasant pinnings ahead!


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