At the heart of lotus823 is music. There is always music playing throughout the office, we have musicians on the staff and many of our clients have roots in the music industry. Learning a new musical instrument can be tough, both financially and mentally. It can take years to master an instrument. It can take a lot of practice, time and money. The most expensive part of learning to play an instrument is typically buying the instrument itself. But even afterwards, an inexperienced musician receives an instrument, they can’t just pick it up and play it, they need guidance.

A music instructor can be quite expensive, especially because it can take a long time to master an instrument. With utilization of the Internet and social media, there are cost effective alternatives to paying for an instructor.

Learn to Play an Instrument with Social Media

Learning to play a musical instrument

David Hernandez, Managing Partner of lotus823, strumming on his guitar!

There are tons of websites where novice musicians can pay instructors to teach them. Online lessons are typically cheaper than one-on-one in-person lessons and allow the user to have a more flexible schedule. You can also contact teachers that are from other parts of the world, allowing music students to expand their horizons. Even though this is an appealing alternative to traditional music lessons, there are still even more cost-effective ways to learn.

There are countless tutorials for instruments on social video websites like YouTube and Vimeo. It’s easy to find lessons for any type of musician, beginner to master. Even less popular instruments can be found on YouTube. While the student may not have direct access to the instructor, they can still learn the instrument using this technique and – it’s free!

The Internet is a melting pot for all sorts of musical information. It can make learning a new instrument a lot more manageable, financially and mentally. It can be used as meeting place for a teacher and student to interact, or it can be used as an alternative to hiring a teacher altogether.

Have you ever used social media for learning to play a musical instrument? Please let us know, by commenting below, what’s worked best for you!

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