Can you believe it’s already day three of The International Consumer Electronics Show (or simply CES) 2013?! Laptops, tablets and smartphones are topping the review charts and Twitter accounts are buzzing with pictures and reviews!  This year topped CES 2012 with a 4% growth rate and attendance is at an all time high with over 156,000 technology professionals, making it the most successful CES!  At lotus823, we are feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to look back at previous CES’ we attended. In light of Throwback Thursday, here are a few pics of our staff…

David Hernandez, Managing Partner at lotus823, poses with Mr. Bicep, Bruce Pechman at CES 2011.

David Hernandez and Mr. Bicep at CES 2011

Account Supervisor at lotus823, Katie Foley, at the Hercules booth at CES 2012.

 Katie Foley at CES 2012

Jessie Barrett, Senior Account Executive at lotus823, having some fun at CES 2013.

 Jessie Barrett at CES 2013

Share some of your Throwback Thursday pictures from CES, below!

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