lotus823 is a collection of unique, dynamic young professionals led by a husband and wife team; both of whom are well-rooted industry veterans. As a young PR and integrated marketing professional, I couldn’t ask for a more solid foundation to launch my career from. Although small in size (there’s nine of us here in the office and one in Florida), lotus823 is big on personality. There are many varied and differing personalities in our cozy office space, which makes for some interesting late afternoon office chitchat and banter. Of all of the personalities, my own may be the most different. I am the one male in our general workspace (besides David, who is usually tucked away in his office) surrounded by seven unique and eccentric females.

Learning Experience

Getting caught in the crossfire of furious chat about calories, boyfriends and shopping can sometimes feel like this. Photo courtesy of: Leslie Joy Centeno

It’s a Learning Experience

Being surrounded by intelligent and well-spoken professional women for eight hours a day has been nothing short of an eye opening experience, and I mean that in the best possible way. So far, my tenure at lotus823 has been educational in so many ways. Besides learning best practices and sharpening my skills in an industry that changes daily, I’m learning the art of listening. I consider listening to be a lost art, that in my opinion, my male peers have dropped from their repertoire long ago. I know from experience that men are more apt to “handling” and “dealing with” women, but not really listening to them. I know this because I have been and still am guilty of doing the same from time to time. No one, man or woman, wants to be “dealt with” or “handled.”

The real “learning” comes when I’m involved in a conversation where I have quite literally nothing useful to add, as I can’t relate to the topic at hand. When a group of women start chatting about something they are all passionate about, the conversation erupts into a fury of comments and opinions that inevitably ends with contagious laughter. Meanwhile, I’m standing by, barely able to keep up, and wondering to myself “Wow, I should be taking notes?” Seriously, there are things men absolutely need to know about women, that can’t be learned in any other way

Being the lone male in a female dominated workplace is fun and different, and I wouldn’t prefer it any other way. I absolutely enjoy the people I’m surrounded by and it is a privilege to be working with them. On a side note, I’m considering starting an advice column for men – where men seeking advice about women can turn to me. It’s not that I know so much about women, I just happen to have seven resources surrounding me. That however is just an idea…for now.

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