As technology keeps advancing, our way of life begins to shift as well. Most phones, tablets, gaming systems and, now, even clocks have a Wi-Fi option. People are becoming more connected and it’s become hard to avoid. We have become a society of immediacy, which comes at a cost. The word ‘data’ is becoming very popular, but not necessarily viewed in a positive light.

People have become so involved in social media and online gaming, which they are often unaware of the amount of data they are using. I confess to be one of those people myself. For several years, I have had a smart phone, but I just recently made the switch to Apple’s iPhone. When purchasing my phone I was informed that once upgraded, I would lose my unlimited data. This took me by complete surprise. I have been with my service provider since my first cell phone in 2003. I thought as a loyal customer of almost 10 years, I would be grandfathered in. I thought about switching my provider until I realized that most of the cell phone companies are now taking away their unlimited data plans.

Wi-Fi and Unlimited Data

Fortunately, there are companies that are trying to help customers who are losing their unlimited data. A little research can go a long way. I read an article this morning on CNN’s website by David Goldman (, which stated that Google has announced free Wi-Fi to the Chelsea area of New York City. Google will be starting in Chelsea as it’s where their local offices are located. I’m sure this is only the beginning of something huge to be delivered by Google.

Optimum is also helping out their customers by providing Wi-Fi in certain areas. If you use Optimum in your home, you have a username and password that can be entered into any smart phone. Any place that you visit, if they use Optimum in their business, home, etc., you can access their Wi-Fi. To assist in making it even easier, an app is available that tracks all the free Optimum Hotspots in your area.

This could possibly be a new trend that other companies will begin to follow. Let’s hope! Free Wi-Fi will be in high demand as more people upgrade and lose their unlimited data. Stay tuned for future announcements from carriers of what’s to come next.

Are you still on a plan with unlimited data? Did you lose your unlimited data with your new cell phone upgrade? Let us know by commenting below!

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