Some time ago the term “sass monster” came to be a part of this integrated marketing agency’s vocabulary. And, it was invented to describe me. Why? Because, sometimes I’m simply fired up about life and my quirkiness sure does come to light. May one assume this term to have a negative connotation? Certainly, but we don’t see it that way.

Jumping on board the emotional roller coaster at work is typically frowned upon. However, if you can put those emotions on the right track, they can amp you up, increase your productivity and inspire your content.

It is in the sassiest moments that the most creative integrated marketing strategies come to life.

How To Conquer a Bad Day by Putting Sass to Good Use

  1. Pick the Right Soundtrack & Groove: Picking a tune that’s as feisty as I am feeling is key to turning the mood around. Emotion, whether positive or negative, requires energy. Channel that energy. If you can, plug in your headphones. Move a little. Feel a moment. Tap your feet. Mumble those words you think you know. Whatever you do, steer clear of anything completely melodramatic or somber. (Don’t even think about doing something like this to yourself.) Think upbeat; a little sass is okay too:
  2. Step Outside: Get in a few moments of quiet time; play some Candy Crush Saga. Do whatever it is that allows your mind to escape from festering on any crippling, negative thought. A little bit of nature always helps.
  3. Identify Top-Level Action Items Only: Feeling stressed? No worries, you’ll totally get to those 37 to-dos today… Yeah, okay. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Prioritize that to-do list. Pick the top three to five items you’d like to accomplish today and conquer them. Do your best. If you blast through it, good for you, you’re in it to win it! If you don’t, revisit it at the end of the day and prep the same sort of list for tomorrow. I’m a marketing savage, but at the end of the day, I’m still human. You can certainly keep a log of the 37 million other action items somewhere, but when sass monster is in the house, she’s going to feel much more positive about completing a to-do list versus feeling buried alive.
  4. Be Honest, But Know When to Cap It: Let’s face it: Sometimes life presents us with obstacles. Sometimes sass monster doesn’t want to be joked with. But, putting on your grumpy pants and face and shutting out others is only going to make it worse. I’ve been to known to admit when the sass monster is in the house. This isn’t an excuse to be a “negative Nancy,” rather, I find it to be a moment to embrace making a little joke about it and getting a laugh in. Moods are contagious, particularly in a small office. Do your best to share a smile and uplift those around you. Positivity breeds positivity.
  5. Commit Actions #1-4 While Caffeinating Yourself: Healthy? Debatable. Happier? 100%.

How do you encourage a positive office environment? Let us know by leaving comment below.



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