The past holiday season gave insight to how much customers rely on online shopping. Online shopping creates a somewhat stress free environment. Shoppers no longer have to deal with long lines or busy stores. However, with the lack of human interaction, customer service is the biggest complaint of those who shop online.

Why Online Customer Service is Important:

  • 53% of customers who shop more than once a month deem customer service extremely important
  • 31% of customers purchase more from retailers after a positive shopping experience
  • 7.8% of abandoned online transactions could have been converted into sales with better service

What Will Make Better Online Service?

Customers Want:

  • The ability to track shipments with either a computer or mobile device
  • Online customer service chat or instant messaging
  • Videos that explain installation or assembly

Preferred Support Methods:

  • 58% of shoppers said email
  • 22% of shoppers said phone
  • 20% of shoppers said live chat

Online Customer Service

Online shopping is slowly becoming just as popular as shopping in brick and mortar store. Online retailers need to consider the importance of customer service to keep customers coming back. Do you have any recommendations for retailers who offer online services? Let us know your thoughts!

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