The world’s largest social media marketing conference has wrapped up, but it doesn’t mean that the buzz surrounding it is over. We already covered the first two days of Social Media Marketing World 2014 and the third day finished strong.

Because it is a conference revolving around social media, it was of course easy to check out the highlights of the event even if you weren’t there by using the hashtag #SMMW14.

The keynote session that took place on Day 3 was a debate between authors Ted Rubin, Jeff Rohrs and Nichole Kelly, as well as moderator/author Jay Baer, on if we have lost the social aspect of the big business of social media. Some memorable thoughts from this panel include Ted Rubin following people on social media so they don’t unfollow him, Nichole Kelly saying that mobile is returning social to a one-to-one relationship and Jay Baer saying that content that helps is superior to content that sells and that it gets boring faster when brands talk about themselves in real time.

There were many sessions ranging in topics from getting more ROI from social media to advice on how to create content that’s social media friendly and how to use specific platforms to your advantage. Neal Schaefer’s “9 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competitors Using Social Media”, Michael Hyatt’s “7 Rules to Writing Blog Posts That Get Read and Shared” and Donna Moritz’s “How to Create Original Visual Content That People Love to Share” were among the most talked about sessions on social media.

The closing keynote was presented by Marcus Sheridan (aka The Sales Lion), who grew his pool company into one of the largest in the world using inbound marketing and a blog. He even became a HubSpot Partner because of his efforts. How appropriate is it that his keynote was titled “Timeless Qualities of Great Content and Social Media Marketing” and brought attendees to tears from inspiring them on how to attract more customers and become an authority in their space.

In total, 43 sessions took place on Day 3 and generated more than 20,500 Tweets – and counting!




This conference was more than just about the education. Days 1 and 2 of Social Media Marketing World was chock full of #selfies and people having fun. Day 3 was no different.

Selfies were not the only fun photos taken at the event. Some attendees and presenters used onsite hashtagged planks to express themselves.

Another SMMW is in the books! What are your thoughts for next year’s conference?

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