With the recent World Series, social media, yet again, made its presence known.
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Online Sports Media

Fanatic sports fans can yell and scream at the T.V. all they want, but no one hears their thoughts. Twitter and Facebook are giving fans the chance to root for their own team and interact with other fans. You can show how dedicated you are without even leaving your home. The biggest effect this can all have is on the sports franchises. Interacting with fans in this way can help improve fan-team relations or even improve sales of tickets and merchandise.

Facebook Vs. Twitter

Facebook gives great overall updates for fans that want to check on pre or post game information. Twitter, however, allows fans to communicate with other fans, sports commentators or writers, the actual sports franchises, or even players during the game. Sports writers, MLB baseball clubs and fans alike were using social media sites to tap into the  2011 World Series content during these last few weeks of October.

Were you following the 2011 World Series via social media? What are some other personal hobbies you follow using Twitter or Facebook? Give us your feedback!

See the rest of the article for information on the World Series social media sports sites! http://socialmediatoday.com/ashley-ray/379109/social-media-guide-2011-world-series?ref=headline_rotator

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