The current protesting in New York City is just another way to prove how influential social media is.

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What Media is being used for Occupy Wall Street?

  • Live streaming of demonstrations
  • Publishing a professional newspaper to document efforts
  • Vibe, a new free social media app, which is somewhat similar to Twitter

Vibe: The New Form of Social Media

Hazem Sayed created Vibe last May. This app allows people to ask questions to each other in a specific location. Vibe lets its users share anonymous messages within an area as small as 150 feet to as large as 300 miles. We believe this can be a great new opportunity for businesses. Companies trying to sell products/services can reach a more specific, location oriented audience. Companies even have the ability to choose the location in which they are reaching. Are you already using Vibe? We’d love to hear how (leave us a note)!

How is Vibe affecting Occupy Wall Street?

This new form of social media is keeping the protestors updated and informed. While it was not originally planned to have a political focus, Sayed is embracing the direction Vibe is taking. He attended the protest a few times and projected the current messages on a wall or a sheet. Within the last few weeks, Vibe has gone from having 1,000 users to about 12,000.

Do you think Vibe has the potential of becoming as popular as social media sites like Facebook or Twitter? Give us your feedback; leave a comment below!

See the full article at NY times:

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