3 Strategies to Implement When Launching Your Consumer Brand

So, you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s in getting your consumer brand ready to roll. Now, how do you get the word out there? Here are three marketing strategies to consider in order to start gaining visibility and brand recognition.

Social media strategies for brands1. Social media.

It should come as no surprise that this tactic is a must for brands. With 4.9 billion people using social media globally, and 5.85 expected users by 2027, you have to meet the people where the people are. And social media is where they are.

A strong social strategy is key for discoverability, humanizing a brand and fostering a community of brand loyalists. 

When it comes to social media, we recommend building up social platforms prior to making your big launch. Your pages should be established with a strong brand voice that users can reference to learn more about what is below the surface of your brand. 

More importantly, content should be geared towards the platform you are on. For example, the answers to, “Who are you speaking to on TikTok and why,” and, “Who are you speaking to on LinkedIn and why,” will be very different. 

You must have a good understanding of your audience to know where to start. Where can they be reached? If you’re trying to reach Gen Z, for example, then you better understand that TikTok, where funny content and tutorials reign supreme, will be the place to start. 

Speaking of TikTok, here’s a fun tidbit: It is currently the fastest-growing social platform for product discovery. That’s likely due to the fact that 40% of Americans use it as a search engine, even over Google. Yes, you read that right. So if we are talking about a new brand who needs to get the word out, then it makes sense to be here, right? Which leads me to my next point.

influencer marketing strategies for brands2. Influencer marketing.

This tactic, which should be heavily leveraged on your socials, will earn your brand not only visibility, but instant credibility if it is done right. With influencers, you can get in front of audiences who trust them and respect their opinions, and if those audiences are your target audiences too, bing bongo, you’re doing it right.

The trick is getting it right. 

Influencer marketing is a saturated place right now, so knowing where to look is key. Who is the influencer’s audience and more importantly, are they engaged? If an influencer has an engaged audience, you’re on the right track. Is their content credible? Meaning, is every post an #ad, or does this person have an aura of authenticity that lends itself to influence? Does their content align with the image you are trying to solidify for your brand? You must evaluate your potential partners on multiple levels to ensure they are the right fit. 

Influencer marketing should not happen in a vacuum, either. It should be fully integrated into your social marketing plan. Sharing your influencer content and leveraging it as best as possible is a must. In fact, UGC (user-generated content) AKA content created by third parties and not the brand itself, is much more trusted than brand-created content. Makes perfect common sense, right? I liken it to today’s word-of-mouth marketing. 

And guess what, y’all. When I talk about influencer marketing, I am not talking about getting your product in the hands of a Kardashian. I am talking about nano and micro influencers! These are the people who are most trusted amongst their followings, which is good news for your brand’s budget. And budget you must have for this tactic, because, sadly, gone are the days of good old-fashioned product trade out as a majority rule. 

public relations strategies for consumer brands3. Traditional media.

Don’t forget about traditional media as part of your brand strategy! Think about your buying habits. If you’re going to buy a new blender and Good Housekeeping raved about the model you wanted in a review last week, you bet your booty you’re going to trust that and make the purchase without too much worry. If WIRECUTTER says a pair of headphones are worth it, they are worth it. If Outside Magazine has a must-have hiking product, we hiking enthusiasts are looking into it. Traditional media will always be a trusted source, so it is a great place for your brand to be.

This next step of communicating your brand to your customers only works if your foundations are set up properly. Meaning, you have a quality product, a healthy roadmap, a firm sales strategy, and well, you have done your homework (read: you can confidently tell me who your customers are). If you’ve got that all checked off, then start here. 

But remember, a strong strategy and consistency is key. You’ve got this! And if you don’t, call my team

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