At lotus823, social media isn’t just a job – it’s a lifestyle.

Social media has bridged the gap between the A-list folks and the every day people (us). It has made the average person into a celebrity. Pretty cool if you think about it!

From Facebook to Snapchat to Instagram, we’re all connected and “friends” with our favorite celebs and social influencers. It’s come to a point where I feel like I know Chrissy Teigen personally – no shame!

So who are we following in our office?

Gary Vaynerchuk

Klout Score: 84Social Influencers

THE influencer of influencers – the guy is a genius! An obvious name to be included in this list; but how could we not?

If you know nothing about him, here’s a quick rundown: he immigrated from the Soviet Union, joined his family business at 14, went to college, became a wine critic, took over his family business, launched e-commerce, created a digital footprint for the company, and grew the business to earn $60 million a year. Talk about successful!

With the knowledge he picked up from his family business, he became an entrepreneur in the digital marketing space and a major investor in some top social companies.

We recommend you follow, watch, and learn:

Girl With No Job

Klout Score: 68

Claudia Oshry – aka Girl With No Job (GWNJ) – is hands down one of the funniest people I’ve ever… met?

The millennial intern turned famous social influencer started her career blogging about how she didn’t like the people she was working with – risky! Well, she got caught, lost the internship, and now broadcasts on social, podcasts, and more to her 4 million plus followers.

Fun fact: Claudia has her very own doppelganger in our office. TWINNING!

Girl with No Job


Joanna Gaines

Klout Score: 71

Did you know that Fixer Upper stars Joanna and Chip Gaines have no professional or educational background in renovation and design? Neither did I!

Talk about serious couple goals – this power couple has taken the DIY and home décor industry by storm. Joanna specifically is one girl boss that any woman would want their daughter looking up to. Plus, she makes me feel like I can turn my two-bedroom apartment into the most glamorous home you have ever seen.

See what I’m talking about:

Doug the Pug

Klout Score: 71

It’s no secret – we’re huge animals fans!

Of course Doug the Pug has made my list of top social influencers. He’s a true star; what dog do you know that has merch?! Now that is the real deal.

Plus, his Klout score is higher than my 55 – impressive my friend!

Tell me you can’t relate this:


“‪Fryday is the best day of the week‬” -Doug

A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

Of course there are so many more of our furry friends making the internet fall in love, but he steals my heart with every post.


Who are you favorite social media influencers? Share with us below in the comments sections.

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