The hustle and bustle of the holiday season has arrived, and social media platforms are doing everything they can to help you navigate! This past month, apps have made updates that seem simple, but make a huge difference in our everyday lives. Continue reading for a quick recap of the latest changes in digital marketing and industry news.


Social Media

YouTube Announces Expanded Roll-Out of its Live-Stream Guests Feature

YouTube is rolling out its ‘Go Live Together’ option, where two YouTubers can share a live stream on a split screen. As of right now, the new feature only allows for one host and one guest, unlike other platforms where up to five users can go live together. Hosts can facilitate Q and A sessions and place pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. Go Live Together streams are currently available to channels with at least 50 subscribers and will be available to all users in the coming weeks.


LinkedIn Launches Native Post Scheduling in the App

LinkedIn launched its new scheduling feature on desktop and Android, with iOS coming soon. Scheduling posts isn’t anything new, but scheduling in-app can give brand managers a better idea of how the post will look before going live, which is more reliable than 3rd party apps. LinkedIn will allow users to schedule up to 90 days in advance and they can also view and manage their scheduled posts in the app.


YouTube Brings Photo Editing & Quizzes to Community Posts

YouTube is experimenting with adding quiz features to community posts. The Community tab can be seen from channel pages and is a social media style news feed for creators, giving visitors immediate access to their favorite YouTubers news and updates. YouTube is also adding filters, text, and stickers as photo editing tools for creators to play with. Both help creators to directly connect and engage with their viewers.


TikTok Launches Updated ‘Marketing Partner’ Platform to Help Connect Brands with Promotional Assistance

TikTok first launched its Marketing Partners website in 2020. It has now been revamped with an expanded listing of creative and ad tech tools, and includes 186 endorsed providers from over 35 nations. The update makes it easier for viewers to see what the site has to offer and to view examples. Expert assistance is available in six categories: campaign management, measurement, creative, effects, commerce, and sound. The site helps to provide insight for brand managers when crafting TikTok campaigns, ensuring their promotions stand out!


Introducing WhatsApp Companion Mode and Self Messaging

If your preferred messaging platform is WhatsApp, then this is for you! You can now access your account on up to four devices at the same time. The new app feature is called companion mode and allows users to view all their messages regardless of what device they access the app from. This coincides with their latest feature of sending messages to yourself, whenever you need to make a quick note to self when on the go.


Industry News

Google Launches New Search, Shopping and Maps Features

Just in time for the holidays, Google has announced new and fun ways to search and shop. The updates use new technology to be more helpful to users as they search. Updates using AR technology include, using AR to navigate businesses in major cities, shop and “try on shoes,” and to see what different beauty products look like on a variety of models with different skin tones, ages, genders, face shapes, ethnicities, and skin types. Google maps has made updates in finding EV charging stations that are compatible with your vehicle. They also added a wheelchair feature where users can see what businesses have a wheelchair-accessible entrance. If you are feeling hungry, search using Google Lens with a picture of the food you want to eat, or write a simple search of the dish, and Google will show you restaurants nearby that have that item on their menu. 


Google Publishes Guide to Current & Retired Ranking Systems

Keeping track of Google’s systems can be a challenge to stay on top of. Luckily, they have recently published a guide showing which ranking systems are still in use and those that are retired. This guide gives great insight into what systems are still running and affecting your SEO and which ones you don’t need to worry about anymore.


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