Each year March marks the beginning of the spring season… on the calendar at least. We still saw snow here in Jersey – which isn’t a first for our crazy northeast weather forecast. At lotus823, though, we did see some firsts.

Beth went to her first DSE tradeshow, St. Bernards charged your phone at SXSW for the first time and (off topic) we saw the first eclipse of 2015!

Cheers to another great month! Here’s your March 2015 Blog Round Up.

5 Great Marketing Moves to Expect at SXSW Interactive 2015

March is always an exciting time in our industry. Conferences are in full swing, especially one of our favorites. SXSW. Music, film and interactive brands from all over the world head to Texas to showcase and share with us their hard work and dedication to their projects.

Before everyone arrived, Account Coordinator Cristina shared what to expect from a marketing standpoint at the exciting, annual convention.

Read Cristina’s full post on marketing moves at SXSW.


A PR Rep’s Behind-the-Scenes Trade Show Tips

Keeping in line with conferences and conventions, Senior Account Executive Beth Gard has certainly been to her share of tradeshows. It’s one aspect of the public relations industry that she truly enjoys and believes in order to enjoy it you have to be prepared for anything!

Read all of Beth’s tradeshow tips to ensure you survive and enjoy your next tradeshow experience.

Tips for Success: Add Influencer Marketing To Your Next PR Strategy

As a Senior Account Executive, Nicole plays an integral part of the strategy process. Due to the ever changing digital world, she dives into how to add influencer marketing into your next PR strategy. Read Nicole’s full post on building loyalty through influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Public Relations and SEO: Perfect Together

Peanut butter and jelly… Cheese and crackers … Public relations and SEO?

Yes! Public relations and SEO are an effective marketing team that should be built into your company’s beliefs.  Let Associate Digital Marketing Strategist, Craig Capron, explain in his latest blog about PR and SEO being perfect together.

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